Saturday, March 1, 2014


...............other countries routinely without regard to international laws or sovereign borders.

Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Cuba, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, Syria. Not one of these countries has ever come close to invading the United States or Britain, yet there's never a word uttered about it being illegal or a threat to world peace and stability when they invade, attack or fund insurrection in countries they deem a threat; real or imagined. A global "stand your ground" mentality, if you will.

It's always billed as being  "in our national interest" which obviously supersedes international laws, sovereignty rights of other countries and is always hailed as a blow for freedom and democracy.

Now, let another country like Russia, for example, take that position, and all that rhetoric takes a complete about-face.

Mr. Obama accused Russia of a “breach of international law” and condemned the country’s military intervention, calling it a “clear violation” of Ukrainian sovereignty.

In Britain, Prime Minister David Cameron said that “there can be no excuse for outside military intervention” in Ukraine.

The hypocrisy and arrogance in these statements is deafening; Since when has the United States or Britain  ever considered ignoring a countries "sovereignty" a violation of international law when they initiate the invasion of these countries?
The West's reaction is schizoid and flies in the face of logic or reality. Yet, educated and well respected people in positions of power seem to be able to get away with the crazy-making rhetoric while keeping a straight face. Unless, of course, the United States makes the Ukraine out 51st state.

Unfortunately V. Putin doesn't subsribe to the same logic which should serve as a reminder that there are other countries who simply don't fall into line when a super power puffs up it's chest.