Sunday, July 3, 2016


The only way Hillary can get the support of Bernie Bros is to join the revolution against the very system that she panders to and put her in the position she is today.

The reality is that those who support the 74-year-old are keenly aware of the injustices and inequalities in our current political system. In fact, many of them cope with those problems on a daily basis with overwhelming debt just to get a college degree, a lack of affordable housing in major cities they need to live in for their careers, and growing fears over climate change.

They notice the country’s crumbling infrastructure while the federal government justifies perpetual war that eats away at the budget. They also see how the deregulation of Wall Street has a direct link to political corruption and money in politics.

Clinton knows she has to reach out to young voters, and her strategy so far has been similar to candidates in past elections. She focuses on social media and agreed to a town hall hosted by YouTube celebrities. But getting asked questions by YouTube’s biggest beauty gurus and entertainers isn’t going to be enough to convince those who struggle with today’s crippling economic pressures.

Sanders fought to get the federal minimum wage up to $15 an hour, or what would be a living wage in major cities. On the other hand, Clinton began the conversation at $12 an hour, and that doesn’t exactly make it seem as though she would be a warrior for the middle class.

The only way Hillary can win over Bernie supporters