Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The Democrats are accusing the Republicans of fear mongering while at the same time filling the airways and Ethernet with claims that we are being attacked by the Russians.

What is left out of the narrative is that the only one being exposed (attacked) is the DNC and Hillary by releasing proof that both were involved in conspiring against one of their own (Bernie) in their efforts to "rig" the primaries in their favor.

Exposing conspiracies and corruption is not by any stretch of the imagination fear mongering but a public service that should be rewarded, not criticized.

American voters are entitled to know what goes on behind the scenes when it involves those who are asking for their support (votes) and trust.

Hillary Clinton Starts Her Own Cold War, Blames Russia For WikiLeaks’ DNC Email Dump

Are Hillary Clinton and the DNC killing two birds with one stone with damage control: distracting the public from the corruption of the two-party system as exposed by the #DNCLeak while simultaneously fanning the flames of a new Cold War?

"It's the Russians!" is a great way to stir up New Cold War fears to distract the public away from how the Hillary Clinton campaign has been keeping the election and media rigged in her favor in collusion with the DNC at the highest level, as revealed by Wikileaks.

report titled, Hillary Clinton Starts Her Own Cold War, Blames Russia for Wikileaks' DNC Email Dump, takes a deeper dive into the Clinton campaign's efforts to divert attention away from the damning contents of the leaks and instead, blame Putin, by citing shady experts tied to the NSA including one that was caught up in a dick pics scandal after smearing Edward Snowden as a 'Russian tool".

The "Putin did it" line is all too familiar and only fits a neoliberal agenda. Major media outlets, such as NBC, brought in many "experts" to echo the claim of "it's the Russians!" without informing their viewers that these "experts" held a conflict of interest — they worked for either the NSA, the US government, or private contractors associated with US intelligence.

Speaking to CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, Robby Mook, Clinton’s campaign manager, said that “experts are telling us that Russian state actors broke into the DNC, stole these emails. And other experts are now saying that the Russians are releasing these emails for the purpose of actually helping Donald Trump.”

Defense One, a security and national defense news and analysis website produced by the neoliberal Government Executive Media Group, followed up on the Clinton camp’s allegations that “Putin did it.”

In the article titled, “How Putin Weaponized Wikileaks to Influence the Election of an American President,” Patrick Tucker admits that the leaked emails expose “Washington’s campaign monster for what it is,” but asks his readers to “leave aside the purported content of the Wikileaks data dump” and “consider the source.”

“This has all the hallmarks of tradecraft. The only rationale to release such data from the Russian bulletproof host was to empower one candidate against another. The Cold War is alive and well,” Tom Kellerman, the CEO of the cybersecurity firm Strategic Cyber Ventures, told Tucker, backing up the author’s assertions that “considerable evidence shows that the Wikileaks dump was an orchestrated act by the Russian government.”