Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Eventually, when Cruz got to the part of a political speech where the candidate says, “If you love your country and love your children as much as I know you do,” signaling the end of the chat is near, without having yet endorsed Trump, the delegates began to holler. They shouted at Cruz as he told them to “stand up and vote your conscience” both “up and down the ticket” for candidates that will “be faithful to the constitution.”

Endorse Trump! We Want Trump!

“I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York delegates,” Cruz said, thinking that would hold them for a while.

He was wrong.

“We must make the most of our moment…to fight for freedom to protect our god given rights, even of those with whom we don’t agree,” Cruz said over the booing, so that when we are old and grey “we will be able to say freedom matters and I was part of something beautiful.”

Heidi Cruz had to be escorted to safety when it was over, CNN reported. And a Trump delegate had to be restrained from getting too in the face of Cruz after his speech wrapped.

Ted Cruz Booed After Refusing To Endorse Donald Trump In RNC Speech