Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Fortunately this is a much longer game and much more will happen that will have an impact on the Revolution who's objective is to clean up the corrupt political system that is destroying democracy in America.

Unfinished Business

On the loss side of the ledger, the platform committee voted down an outright ban on fracking. While the draft calls for improving past trade deals and improving future ones, Clinton delegates voted down language introduced by former NAACP director Ben Jealous that explicitly rejected the TPP. (The debate over Jealous’ language makes for compelling viewing, especially after Jealous introduces his amendment 15 minutes into this video.)

Language regarding justice for Palestine was rejected. As the Orlando Sentinel reported, “the committee also shot down progressive-backed language to limit political contributions to $100 per person or entity and to publicly finance campaigns; to outlaw racial gerrymandering; and to prevent public officials from joining the industries they regulate.”

These are significant losses. And while some of the platform’s policies can be enacted through executive action, most will remain moot as long as Republicans control Congress.

What’s more, it would be extraordinarily naive to assume that any elected official will feel honor-bound to follow the platform. As I wrote last week about the party’s banking platform, they will be under tremendous pressure from donors to surrender on critical issues.

The Revolution Goes On

But platforms are promises. That makes them useful in the hands of activists willing to hold politicians to them.

It’s easy to lose faith when important battles are lost, or to become overconfident when they’re won. But, in both defeat and victory, this revolution must go on.

This is the most progressive Democratic platform in history, but only because millions of people demanded it – with their votes and their activism. More activism is needed now. Minority reports may be filed on the planks that lost in Orlando. Future platforms must be stronger in their support for Medicare for All and other key initiatives. And Democrats will need to be held accountable after they’re elected.

Larry Cohen, former president of the Communications Workers of America and a close Sanders adviser, told me after the Orlando meeting: “Bernie Sanders and all of us who have worked for the past year, including millions of Americans in every state in the union, will continue the struggle.”

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