Sunday, July 24, 2016


Emails DNC Officials Constructing Anti-Bernie Narrative | The Daily Caller

Bernie Sanders may have ended his battle for the White House with his endorsement of presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but that’s not stopping thousands of his backers from planning to flock to Philadelphia next week to protest the Democratic National Convention and send a message to party leaders.

The fact that Sanders said last week he would do “everything I can” to help Clinton beat Republican nominee Donald Trump is not dissuading pro-Sanders protest organizers. They say Americans are frustrated with the Democratic Party establishment, and they'll still be out to protest in large numbers.

“It’s ‘We the People’ who are going to continue to lead this revolution,” said Billy Taylor, a pro-Sanders activist who was issued permits to hold rallies on each day of the convention. “We are not going to vote for the demon named Hillary just because you are threatening us with the devil named Trump.”

The city of Philadelphia is projecting 35,000 to 50,000 demonstrators will gather at a half dozen sanctioned protest sites near the Wells Fargo Center each day of the convention, which opens Monday. A bulk of the permits issued by the city are to groups that indicated they are inspired by the Vermont senator.

The showing for the pro-Sanders demonstrations — whose organizers have received nine of the 28 permits issued and are expected to draw the largest crowds, according to city officials estimates — could perhaps provide a sense of the road Clinton has in front of her as she tries to win over some of the Sander’s most rabid backers.