Saturday, July 16, 2016


They are both hell bent on diving off a cliff.

Even though it's a myth for Lemmings it seems to be true about Democrats who are just about to nominate the worse possible candidate to lead their party.

Even in the best case scenarios Hillary is barely able to squeak out a lead against Trump who, in the opinion of many political insiders, should have lost before he started.

For Trump Hillary is a gift that keeps on giving, coming on to the stage with a mountain of baggage that he can pick from to remind Americans on how bad Hillary is for the country. The Clinton Foundation pay for play money washing machine, her email/server debacle that the FBI labeled as careless and reckless behavior, and the long history of pandering to Wall Street and special interest to enrich her and Bill.

There's nothing Hillary has to offer the average American other than more of the same and this is not the year many voters are willing to tolerate it.