Friday, July 29, 2016


Looks like Hillary is the darling of the hedge fund industry who are throwing money at her as if she were a political "wishing well."

There's also a bonus prize. One Clinton family member is also a member of the hedge fund industry; and insider if you will.

In this election cycle, hedge funds have contributed $122.7 million to Hillary’s campaign. That number is more than twice that of the total contributions hedge funds made in 2012 and it comprises 14 percent of her total campaign purse, reports Market Watch.

Comparing these numbers with Donald Trump (who has allotted just $19,000 from hedge funds), Hillary has $122,681,000 more than Trump from hedge funds.

Trump is an anomaly among Republicans — who so far this campaign cycle have gotten in excess of $65.8 million from hedge funds. 

Hillary Clinton is demolishing Donald Trump among hedge-fund donors — so far - MarketWatch