Thursday, July 14, 2016


The Mainstream Media propaganda machine has a lot of nerve complaining that they are being mistreated when most of the abuse to the "news media" is self inflicted.

For the most part there is no such thing as just "reporting the news" in an objective, professional manner.

What viewers are subjected to today are commercial-filled , hyped up "reality TV" stuffed full of not very good "wanna be" actors who perform mostly for each other and self gratification; much like what is fondly referred to as a "circle jerk."

This year has been much worse because of the media tycoons who are threatened by an anti-establishment outsider (Donald Trump) that they have dedicated their influence and money to literally bombarding Trump with mountains of petty BS in order to bring him down.

Problem is, voters are wise to it and not paying much attention; drowning it out on social media.