Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Johann Wagener 9-24-13

These so-called "Christians" have seriously lost their way if they want people to believe that Jesus would advocate not feeding the poor if they didn't have a job.

Adding insult to injury these blasphemers are the one's who sell the "prosperity gospel" encouraging people to hoard and flaunt their wealth rather than contribute to well being of the society that generated their wealth.

They babble about picking yourself up by your bootstraps while doing nothing at all to help people get a pair of boots. They claim to be "job creators" while indulging themselves rather than creating jobs; creating a classic "catch 22" which not only traps people into poverty but punishes them (cutting their food stamps) for it.

Christian Group: There's "Nothing More Christian" Than Cutting Food Stamps

Former Ohio Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell has come under fire for expressing strong support for the Republican-controlled House’s recent vote to cut $39 billion from the federal food stamp programs over the next ten years.

Blackwell, affiliated with the Family Research Council which has been branded a hate-group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, labelled the move an “act of Christian compassion” and said welfare programs breed ‘dependency amongst the poor’, Christian Post reported.

Despite the fact that numerous churches and Christian groups have denounced plans to cut food stamps, Blackwell argued there was nothing more Christian than denying poor people food stamps.