Monday, September 16, 2013


Johann Wagener 9-16-13

As long as theirs a buck to made we and our friends across the Pond are more than willing to sell anything anyone wants, anytime, anywhere. That's what "free market" capitalism is all about. We will then turn around and condemn those who use what we sold them and call them all sorts of bad names; acting as if we are the good guys. What's sadder yet, most of us fall for it.

Britain sent poison gas chemicals to Assad: Proof that the UK delivered Sarin agent to Syrian regime for SIX years

  • British companies delivered sodium flouride to Syrian firm from 2004-2010

  • The chemical is a key component in manufacture of nerve gas

  • Sale has been blasted as 'grossly irresponsible' in light of chemical attacks

  • Intelligence expert says substance will have been diverted to regime

  • For those who may wonder where these deadly gases came, it was not the Middle East.

    The Curious Origin of Sarin Nerve Gas

    Birth of a Nerve Gas
    Here's the story: In 1936, a German scientist named Gerhard Schrader at Bayer (yes, that Bayer which made aspirin) and later the IG Farben factory (which also produced Zyklon B, the chemical agent used to gas millions of Jews and other "undesirables" to death during the Holocaust), was working on an insecticide designed to disrupt the insect's nervous system.