Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Johann Wagener 9-18-13

$ Billion Dollar houses, $ Million Dollar cars, $500,000.00 wrist watches, $38,000.00 handbags, $1,000 ice cream deserts, and now for those  who; and I quote Stephen Colbert, "would like to literally piss their money away" a $75.00 ice cube so you can experience frozen water in a glass. I wonder if there's a connection with having too much money and sh-t for brains?  No wonder this country is on a fast track to disasterville.

Simply the world's best cocktail ice

Gläce Luxury Ice Co. ships hand-carved ice cubes right to your door. The cubes are actually 2.5” spheres and made of frozen purified water. The combination of their large size and the fact that they are crystal clear and tasteless make them the perfect way to keep your cocktail cool.

They don’t come cheap though; a bag of 5 Gläce ice cubes will run you $75--that’s 15 bucks a ball! A bulk order of 240 spheres costs $2,440. However, don’t fine spirits deserve the best quality ice cube you can buy?