Saturday, September 28, 2013


Johann Wagener 9-28-13

Response to a moron:
1. no longer have access to any of the services provided by the Federal Government – One must remember that there are multiple programs dealing with same issues, all of which are paid for by state and federal taxes, and many of these were forced upon the states… ie extortion. Just how they passed seatbelt laws. The states were told you will enact this law else we will reduce or not give you back the taxes paid for by your states people. We will decrease the money we give you for road maintenance and cops unless you accept and enforce the law that we want passed.
2. government health care for representatives – True tea party representatives don’t believe that they shouldn’t have to be on the same health care and under the same rules as everyone else of the United States.
3. Social Security and Medicare will not be provided to Tea Part states – You must be completely a fool as the Obama administration stole the funds for Medicare and have been using them on Obamacare!!! Likewise, no true American with a family would ever believe that it is alright to have the youth of America pay for the seniors healthcare by forcing a tax on them.. This in itself was illegal OBAMACARE was nothing more than three – card – monty. Anywhere else a business owner would lose in court when using the BAIT and SWITCH used by Obama! Likewise, the only reason for a shut down was because Obama wants his illegal scam to become a reality. The House gave full funding for everything but this fraudcare which has hurt America. It didn’t live up to its promise and has already costed twice from which it was suppose to cost and still the same amount of people will remain uncovered as from when it was originated, and this was by the governments own research that was released.
4. All other Federal subsidies (farm, energy, etc.) will be terminated – this would be great the farmers will no longer ship to the democratic states!!! Likewise, they will let the capitalistic system work rather then accept money to reduce production in order for the government to CONTROL the ricing of produce. Finally, the plain states will feed there own and say FO to those democratic do nothing federal controlling monarchs!
No i’m not a Tea Partier, No i’m not a Republican…. I am an independent and I can see the fraud, waste and abuse wrought by this administration!!! The Federal government has passed many laws and regulations that are in violation of the Constitution as well as the fact that they lacked the authority to pass many of those laws to being with!!
Thus take all your rhetoric and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!! I’m sorry that you believe that all must be dependent on the Federal Government. One can only surmise that you feel this way because you live at the teets of these criminals that purport themselves to be representatives of the people while lining their pockets from payoffs by corporations and the rich top 1 percent elitists!
May God be willing the whole Fraud system will shut down and return to representing the people as it was intended!

Invoking God into your rant will not get much mileage since; as the Bible would indicate, He's a liberal; endorses taking care of those less fortunate and not judging lest ye be judged. 

I'm also going to assume that you are not a moron  (a stupid person. synonyms: fool, idiot, blockhead, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, imbecile, cretin, dullard, simpleton, clod;) since you obviously can read and express your opinions in writing (with or without spell check?) 

Since I don't know you I can only assume you do not suck on the teet per se' and are not on Social Security or Medicare and that everything you have was obtained without any government assistance at all (like an FHA mortgage?) and are not on VA benefits. 

So, based on that, I must congratulate you on your achieving the American Dream and want to wish you the best in the years to come. 

My response is meant to be a compliment, so please accept it in that vein.