Sunday, September 29, 2013


TO MY LETTER to the tea party
Johann Wagener 9-29-13

In a previous blog I posted a response from someone who read my "Letter to the Tea Party" which he didn't take too kindly to.

In an effort to both demonstrate the issues and clarify the position I take I posted both his response and my reply in another post on this blog.

This generated another response from someone who implied that I was just fabricating these mean spirited rants from Tea Partiers  and posting them on the blog in order to place them in a bad light. In an attempt to clear the air I then sent this person a link to the disgruntled Tea Partier if he wanted to verify whether the author was fabricated or real.

Which brings me to this post that consists of the response (and my reply) to the skeptical Tea Partier;

David D'Esposito replied to your comment on "Forgive me, but I have a creeping suspicion that this "response" is a complete fabrication for th..."

Comment: "Johann, I see that a person with that screen name has several posts on BiN, yes. 
But, even if this person genuinely wrote this response to you... so what? 
What I mean is, what purpose does highlighting a single poorly written response from a single, uneducated buffoon accomplish?
He obviously doesn't even begin to represent people with the ideology you seek to vilify or mock any more than a comment from some unemployed, burned-out, pretentious, neo-socialist douche on shrooms would represent you, right?  
So what, exactly, is the point of highlighting it? 

Are you insinuating (or outright claiming) that he speaks for the majority of Tea Party supporters? Or that his intelligence is indicative of them?
You're going to have an incredibly difficult time supporting that supposition, if so. 
What's more, to even suggest that says truckloads more about you than it does them. 

I suppose you could simply be trying to embarrass this lone individual... but... who is he that anyone should care?

So, again... what, exactly, was your point, here?"

Hello David! You eloquently made my point by implying that the response to my letter to the Tea Party that I posted was fabricated by me rather than just expressing your own opinion regarding the Tea Party which unfortunately attracts more of the type that responded to my post. I would need to look no further than Ted Cruz to point out that intelligence has little or nothing to do with what I am addressing which, in simple terms, is naivete and the obviously unabridged way a deep and insidious racism is expressed by those who purport to be nothing of the kind while at the same time obsessing on the black man in the Oval Office. How else can you rationally explain why the Tea Party devotes all to bringing down Obama rather than lifting up their country?