Saturday, September 7, 2013


Johann Wagener 9-7-13

If this story is factual then I'd say this guy sustained much worse brain damage than most of his team mates. What I don't understand is why people that intentionally go out and get their brains scrambled can then come back and ask for "compensation." So, I'm inclined to agree with Deion - except - I'd like to ask Deion, what is it exactly that you are doing? If , as you say, the game is safe, and your team mates are just looking for a free ride, why did you file a claim?  How did you become disabled (86% or so)? Did your girlfriend whack you with a kitchen pot? Or did you hit your head on a car door? Something is not right here?

Deion Sanders, critic of NFL concussion suits, seeks workers' comp

During the pregame show before February's Super Bowl in New Orleans, Deion Sanders shared his thoughts about the thousands of former football players filing concussion lawsuits against theNational Football League.

"The game is a safe game," the television analyst and Hall of Fame cornerback said. "I don't buy all these guys coming back with these concussions. I'm not buying all that. Half these guys are trying to make money off the deal."

What Sanders didn't say was that more than two years earlier he had filed a workers' compensation claim in California, alleging head trauma and other injuries incurred while playing for the Dallas Cowboys.