Friday, September 20, 2013


Johann Wagener 9-20-13

WEB MD is hitting new lows in their desperate attempt to attract viewers to their site. It used to be that the info they provided created massive paranoia and spawned a generation of hypochondriacs. Now they want to mix it up with some light humor and focus on whatever little is left of the human anatomy they haven't picked to pieces in one of the hundreds of thousands of mini articles and quizzes they flood the internet with.

The Scoop on Poop


Is regularity overrated? How long should digestion take? Are floaters bad news? Wipe away your misconceptions about healthy BMs.
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Booty Boot Camp

Booty Boot Camp

Worried that your “rear view" needs a makeover? Add these butt-busting moves to your routine. They may help tone your assets.
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WEB MD is not alone by a longshot. Here's another tidbit that people are dying to know about that has little or nothing to do with health;

7 Ways for Women to Look Great Naked

Here are SEVEN of my sizzling hot tips to help you raise your metabolism through the roof, so you'll be lean and sexy and looking great naked before strutting your stuff on the beach: