Thursday, March 7, 2013


THE ASSYLUM: For the care of people, especially those with physical or mental impairments, who require organized supervision or assistance.


Or says John Kerry in addressing a group in Germany

And, it should be no surprise, that there’s actual science to back that up;

“In modern society, natural selection is indifferent toward intelligence, with the result that in the future, stupid people (who reproduce more often) will greatly outnumber the intelligent.”

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Dumb And Dumber [Study]

That being the case I wondered if Kerry was referring to any one (or group) in particular. Was he referring to the 47%? No! Not those! But the 47% that voted for Romney?

 Was it??????????????? People (or groups) that;

Believe Obama was born in Kenya
Oppose government healthcare but want Medicare
Women are equipped to prevent pregnancy when raped
Believe the rich should not be taxed higher than middle class
Becoming pregnant when raped is a blessing from God
Iraq had weapons of mass destruction
President Obama is a Muslim
Watch the Glen Beck show
Listen to Rush Limbaugh radio show
Believe climate change is not real
Believe the earth is 6,000 years old
Believe the Taliban attacked us on 9/11
Believe Barack Obama is not a US citizen
Believe that God is on their side
Believe that the 1% are job creators
Believe that FOX is fair and balanced news
Believe that corporations are people and can vote
Believe that racism doesn’t exist
Believe that reality TV is real
Can see Russia from their kitchen window
Voted for Mitt Romney
Belong to the Tea Party
Can’t find Iraq on a map
Think denial is a river in Egypt
Believe embryos can vote
Humans are made in God’s image
Go on cruises
Buy $150,000 wrist watches
Buy $1.5 million automobiles
Use tanning booths
Have over 7 bathrooms in their home
Have a 2nd Amendment right to own a tank
Go to NASCAR races
Let their kids play football knowing it causes brain damage
Believe that fad diets work
Believe God does not exist
Believe we are the only people in the universe
Guns don’t kill people
Believe Muslims are all terrorists
Live in cities and drive Hummers
Believe that Dick Cheney is human
Believe that bankers are honest
Believe that politicians are honest
Believe that lobbying is not bribing
Believe that living in poverty is a choice
Oppose welfare but support government business subsidies
And then there’s…………………