Sunday, March 10, 2013


Johann Wagener 3-10-13

Being a Catholic and a Bill Maher fan I spent years watching his show and cringing every time he bad mouthed the Catholic Church. Unlike Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert who poke fun at religion just for fun, Maher gets into the nitty gritty of religions foundation (especially the Catholic Church) and tears it apart. 

Now, I have to admit, I have had an “awakening” of sorts and have come to realize that Bill Maher is a messenger from God. Yes! I believe that he has been assigned the task of showing us everything that’s not right about religion. Even though I think he does overdo it at times which is probably an expression of deep seeded anger at some priests or nuns that didn’t do right by him as a child. As a Catholic I can relate but I think Bill is “throwing the baby out with the bath water” and, as a consequence, depriving himself of the benefits afforded people of “faith” the spiritual side of religion.

Just like climate change, is “man made”, religion has been diluted into a cocktail of doctrines, rituals, and absurd teachings that has left it in shambles. This is especially true of the Catholic Church where a small elite group of old men claim to be the one and only messengers of God; the Oracles of the human race if you will.

One look will show just the opposite is true. The church (religion) today is not what Jesus turned over to St Peter. Had He not resurrected He would turn over in His grave, unable to recognize His church.

With Bill Maher’s help this might change as people begin to “spiritually” reconnect with their Creator and leave the mess for those who created it to clean it up.

So, I want to thank Bill and also wish him the best in his quest for understanding the meaning of why he, as I, are here. In the meantime I would simply say, “keep the faith” Bill.