Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hagel orders review of drone pilot medal

CIRCLE JERK: A metaphor for any group activity performed for personal gratification.

Johann Wagener 3-14-13

The newly created Distinguished Warfare Medalapproved last month by then-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, will honor members of the military for “extraordinary” achievements since Sept. 11, 2001. The accomplishments do not have to be restricted to a geographic region, meaning that remote warfare — such as drone operations — could be recognized

The only “extraordinary” thing about a drone pilot is that they kill people. Otherwise there’s not much difference between them and any other teen ager sitting in front of a computer monitor fondling a joy stick (not sure why the “joy”?)

Courageous? Extraordinary?  
Rewarding people for slaughtering humans in an “impersonal” and many times callous manner, is absurd and just an addition to labeling humans as “collateral damage” or “targets” or urinating on their corpses in our  quest to be able to commit endless- senseless acts hi-tech genocide.

Hagel orders review of drone pilot medal