Tuesday, March 12, 2013


REFLECTIONS: a fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration.
Johann Wagener 3-12-13

Wine get’s better with age as does cheese but let's clear something up here.

First off sex get's worse with age because that's the way Father Time and Mother Nature worked it out. Naked old people are not sexy; they're cute! In a "baby photo" sort of way. There are good reasons for that, and they're all healthy ones. It's called mortality. Something Hugh Hefner never quite grabbed the concept of. Does he really believe that the 22 yr old he bought honestly finds him sexy? Please!

Like Hugh, I know there's lot's of old hippies from the "Free Love" generation that have a hard time with that (excuse the pun) but just because they found a drug that can keep them going for hours doesn't mean that the experience is better. Drug induced sex, like any other "drug induced" experience alters reality and takes one out of the "real life" experience. What makes matters worse it get's all muddled up with "love", which again has little or nothing to do with sex.  

Sex is a "physiological" experience that's shared with every living organism on the planet, the majority of which is not remotely loving in any sense of the word. Just recently a male lion jumped a female caretaker (unfortunately he killed her) which looks like it was motivated by a sexual attraction. Something about picking up a scent, possible related to her menstrual cycle. The booming porn, prostitution, escort, mistress business is another clue that love has nothing to do with sex. At least not in a healthy way. I know the John's like to believe the person in bed with them really "loves" them but, believe guys, it's just about how much cash is in your wallet. 

Love, on the other hand, is more about emotional and psychological experiences that's far beyond  the "reptilian" approach to relationships. That takes a little more effort on the participants part, but it's well worth the effort and it's life-long-lasting; no drugs required. Naked bodies do not need to be sex "objects" so they can be appreciated for who occupies them. 

Sure that hurts the booze, drug, candy, and greeting card business, but then, is that what life consists of?  What we consume? Desperately looking for ways to avoid the inevitable so that we miss out on what we are actually experiencing? 

It might be better if the older generation accept the fact that they are beyond the "sex" stage and look for ways to nurture/love each other in more productive and age-appropriate ways. It would also save them a lot of money on little blue pills and lubricants.