Monday, March 18, 2013


RED LIGHT DISTRICT; a section of town usually devoted to illegal/immoral behavior.  

Johann Wagener 3-18-13

They say that all it takes is one rotten apple to contaminate the bushel. When it comes to the U.S Government it's the bushel that's rotting.    

 If one works in a corrupt system how could they not be corrupt? The problem is not with our politicians; they are just pawns in a system created to serve the real power brokers in this country who hide in the shadows and run the show we call government.

Here’s how the political system we live under works;

Imagine for a moment that Washington D.C. is a “Red Light District” (a section of town usually devoted to illegal/immoral behavior).

Then consider the Congress, Senate, and now-a-days the Supreme Court, are the houses of ill repute, or “brothels” (technically, a place where people may come to engage in illegal/immoral behavior) with;
Politician who engage in a form of “prostitution” (the practice or business of providing services to many other persons in return for payment)

The lobbyist act as “pimps” (an agent who collects part of the earnings for performing services referred to as procuring or pandering. They may receive this money in return for advertising services, or for providing, and possibly monopolizing, a location where they may engage the clients or;

“John’s” (the slang term used for persons who solicit prostitutes) that are mainly representatives of “special interest” groups (e.g. corporations, the rich, and other organizations that want to exert influence on the government.

So, ask yourself, how could anyone survive in this environment with being corrupted?

Senator Menendez, For Robert Menendez, a senator set apart, closeness to rich donor draws scrutiny  like many others before him, are just distractions to make it appear as if corruption was being addressed; when we all know that “self-policing” is just a charade. 

Ridding this government of corruption is going to take much more than throwing out a few apples from office. It requires replacing the bushel, maybe with one that looks more like the one we started with when this Union was founded?