Saturday, October 8, 2016


This looks like one of the times Hillary was actually being honest. And that's why advisers told her to "scrub" her comments made in Wall Street speeches. 

The controversial whistleblower organization WikiLeaks on Friday released emails that they say are linked to Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

While much of the new batch of hacked emails are benign newsletters and shared articles, one note in particular has gotten attention for offering a glimpse into Hillary Clinton's paid Wall Street speeches. The email depicts Clinton acknowledging the security issues with using her BlackBerry and suggests that she considers herself a political moderate. It also alleges that she dreams of "open trade and open borders," among other topics.
But some of the most intriguing excerpts come when Clinton is addressing issues of Wall Street while actually on Wall Street. In the hacked email, the Democratic presidential nominee discusses the "rigged system," and the causes of and solutions to the financial crisis in an unguarded tone, framing large banks and investment firms as partners rather than problems.

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The email, sent last January from Hillary For America research director Tony Carrk to Podesta and other senior campaign officials, contain "flags" sent by the Harry Walker Agency — the firm that organized Clinton's Wall Street speeches after she was secretary of state. 

The flagged portions are positions that Carrk wrote needed "an extra scrub" and could prove problematic for the campaign in the future.

WikiLeaks Releases Alleged Clinton Wall Street Speeches In Batch Of Campaign Emails