Sunday, October 30, 2016


Hillary likes to claim that anyone exposing corruption in politics is not only disrupting her campaign but a threat to our democracy and that is usually followed with some outrageous claim that the Russians are behind it.

What she is really saying is that exposing corruption in Establishment politics is a threat to the "Plutocracy" which she happens to be the darling of.

When FBI Director Comey announced that he was taking another look at Hillary's emails it was tantamount to turning on the lights in a room full of cockroaches. And, as is usually the case, not all of them are able to disappear in the cracks.

First it was DWS, then Podesta, now Uma and her perverted husband that have the light shinning on them and in turn on Hillary's crony riddled campaign.

Only this time it's not the Russians who Hillary loves to blame but our own FBI and it's what looks like not so corrupt Director.

The heads of all those who are subservient to the Establishment are exploding. God forbid the Director is doing his job!

FBI Head Under Fire For Clinton Email Scrutiny Days Before Election

FBI Director James Comey is facing criticism for turning the agency's attention to newly discovered emails that could be linked to Hillary Clinton, again focusing on the former secretary of state just days before Election Day.

Former prosecutors and former Department of Justice officials are questioning what Comey hopes to accomplish by announcing the investigation so close to the election.

Comey notified members of Congress that the FBI was again looking into Clinton's use of a private email server. As NPR reported Friday, Comey's decision followed the discovery of emails that "came to light in the course of an unrelated criminal investigation of Anthony Weiner," who is being scrutinized for sexting an underage girl. But, as the the Associated Press reported, it's "unclear what the emails contained, who sent them, or what connection they might have to the yearlong investigation the FBI closed in July without recommending criminal charges."