Friday, October 14, 2016


The Main Stream Media is parading everyone and anyone who comes out of the closet to claim they were assaulted by Trump while nary a peep is made about the group of women who were sexually assaulted or harassed by Bill Clinton while in the Oval Office and before.

The only media attention given them is to ridicule or discount their stories.

Could this be the "rig" Trump is talking about?

In a chat on the website Sidewire on Thursday, Yahoo! News reporter Michael Isikoff said that the NBC footage of Broaddrick’s “Dateline” interview would show that she told interviewer Lisa Myers that Hillary Clinton attempted to intimidate her weeks after the alleged rape, which Broaddrick says occurred at a Little Rock hotel in 1978.

“Broaddrick told her story to NBC and the WashPost in 99. Both organizations closely vetted her story and chose to run it,” wrote Isikoff.

“Also, NBC has the full tape of the original Lisa Meyers [sic] interview,” he added
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