Friday, October 28, 2016


Hillary fans; including much of the crony media that supports her are outraged that anyone would inquire into Hillary's shenanigans "before" the election. How dare they shine the light on the prosective POTUS!

Better to just talk about Trump's gropes!

This is another example of how Hillary takes Americans as fools who would rather obsess over tabloid sex scandals than real live political corruption.

Well now the media can get what it wants; a real live sex scandal inside the Hillary camp.

The husband of her top aide and adopted daughter (some say) who posed for a "dick pic" that included posing his toddler son. He then followed that up with sexting a 15 year old girl; and yet is still running loose in the streets of NYC thanks to his high-powered connections.

It now appears that in addition to the dick pics there may have been some hot and steamy classified Hillary emails. Immagine that.

Were the Russians blackmailing Weiner? Was he sharing Huma's emails with them?

Sounds like a spy thriller in the making.

Journalists Dismiss FBI's Announcement Of Case Re-Opening | The Daily Caller