Wednesday, October 19, 2016


And it's got nothing to do with the Russians that Obama and Hillary are whining about;

Besides suggesting Russian conspiracy theories to distract from the content of the emails, Clinton supporters have amended their arguments by claiming the content is benign, that many of these revelations are how politics operate or they’re not surprising because they simply reaffirm widely held suspicions about Clinton.

Yet the perpetrators of these same arguments spent the entirety of the Democratic primaries denying the veracity of claims from Bernie Sanders supporters that the thing was rigged for Clinton. Saying the content of the WikiLeaks emails demonstrates normal, dull politics is an attempt to normalize the corruption, manipulation and deceitfulness revealed as a standard procedure within the campaign.

Repeatedly using victims as political props, pandering to voter demographics not out of genuine concern for the issues they care about, but solely as an attempt to manufacture their support, bullying media outlets for more favorable coverage, dangling press access in exchange for serving the Clinton agenda, and the overt differences between Clinton’s private and public policy stances are some of the notable violations of ethics revealed in Podesta’s emails. Yet, the same mainstream media outlets that enabled Clinton’s coronation in the Democratic primaries are the same ones now currently shielding Clinton with impunity.

In the likely event that Clinton is elected president, these same media outlets will prop up the policies and efforts of another Clinton Administration, in an attempt to manufacture consent for legislation that benefits the increasingly-pervasive oligarchy the government has become, while working and middle class Americans remain underrepresented and left behind. The disproportionate bias for Clinton and her brand of politics throughout the mainstream media, as exemplified in coverage of WikiLeaks, are an impediment to democracy rather than serving to promote and expand it.
Top Dems Rush to Rescue Clinton with WikiLeaks Conspiracy Theories | Observer: