Thursday, October 13, 2016


PUEBLO, Colo. — Hillary Clinton denounced “scorched earth” tactics by Republicans on Wednesday, saying Democrats must not allow themselves to turn away from the election in disgust.

Those tactics have recently included protesters accusing former president Bill Clinton of rape. Clinton’s campaign appearances were interrupted two days in a row this week by people shouting while holding or wearing T-shirts that brand her husband a rapist.

Her rally here was briefly interrupted by two demonstrators, but it was not clear they were accusing Clinton’s husband.

Clinton will not directly engage on the “rapist” protests, Palmieri said.

“These are people that are being paid to come and heckle her,” Palmieri said, adding that she applauded President Obama’s dismissal of a similar protest at a pro-Clinton event Tuesday.

“It’s just more of the effort that Trump is undertaking to try to intimidate her,” Palmieri said. “He will find that it will not have much effect.”

Cellphone toting protesters with handmade T-shirts scrawled with “Bill Clinton is a rapist” interrupted President Obama mid-joke in Charlotte on Tuesday.
As protesters accuse her husband of rape, Clinton blasts Trump’s ‘scorched earth’ tactics - The Washington Post