Wednesday, October 12, 2016


It should come as little surprise as to why Hillary refused to release transcripts of her Wall Street speeches.

The pandering is nauseous and much more offensive to Main Street Americans than any of Trump's locker room banters.

The people Hillary is bowing to are the very same ones who destroyed our economy and the Middle Class along with it.

They are the 21st Century version of the Mafia; and organized criminal organization that pay off people like Hillary to protect them.

People like the CEO of Wells Fargo (  Wells Fargo CEO to retire in wake of sham accounts scandal ) who, when and if ever is charged and convicted, would undoubtedly be pardoned if Hillary were in the White House. That's the pay back for those $200,000 speeches these emails reveal.

Clinton's speaker's bureau flagged hundreds of excerpts from her high-dollar speeches that could prove damaging.

Hillary Clinton frequently offered warm and at times sympathetic words for Wall Street during her paid speeches before some of the biggest financial powerhouses as the nation was still recovering from the 2008 crisis, according to excerpts flagged as problematic by her speaker’s bureau.

WikiLeaks’ trove of hacked emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s Gmail account includes an 80-page attachment seemingly from the Harry Walker Agency that highlights hundreds of “speech flags.”

 The document sorts the speech excerpts by more than 50 categories, including China, Clinton Foundation, Equal Pay, Government Surveillance, Islam, Personal Wealth, and Praising Wall Street.


Hacked 80-page roundup of paid speeches shows Clinton 'praising Wall Street' - POLITICO: Hacked 80-page roundup of paid speeches shows Clinton 'praising Wall Street' - POLITICO -