Saturday, December 13, 2014

I created this email account months ago based on a "gut" feeling that this up and coming "mover and shaker" is exactly what this long lost and misguided country of ours needs to lead us out of this self-imposed mindless wilderness where paranoia and chaos reigns.

An Obama healthcare strategists recently expounded that "Americans are stupid" while at the same time a recent study clarified who this strategists was specifically referring to;

It’s official - men are idiots! Analysis of the Darwin Awards for stupid deaths reveals the ‘winners’ are overwhelmingly male; 
Darwin Awards is an annual review of most foolish way people have died Scientists were surprised to discover 90% of award ‘winners’ were male

Worthy candidates include a terrorist who opened his own letter bomb

Another man attempted to travel by hitching a shopping trolley to a train

One man lost a testicle while using a belt sander to pleasure himself

But was excluded from award after he repaired scrotum with a staple gun

That in itself is enough reason to elect a woman rather than a dummy no matter what the color of their skin.