Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Pope Francis thinks so; well, at least as it pertains to the Catholic Church elites, though I think it is spread much wider than that given the state of our society.

The list of diseases included “spiritual Alzheimer’s,” “spiritual petrification,” a feeling of being “immortal,” and “funereal face,” a concept Francis referred to this month, urging followers to prepare for Christmas with “joy,” instead of dourness or anxiety. 

The pope also blasted gossiping among officials as a form of “satanic assassination.” He said: “Sometimes, [officials of the Curia] feel themselves ‘lords of the manor’ – superior to everyone and everything.” NOTE: (Sounds very much like the 1% to me). 

So, my question to all those self-proclaimed Christians out there is; do any of these labels apply to you?

And, if so, do you see them as a Scarlet Letter or something to boast about?

On feeling “immortal”: “A curia that does not practice self-criticism, does not keep up to date, does not try to better itself, is an infirm Body.’ “

On what he means by “spiritual Alzheimer’s”: “A progressive decline of spiritual faculties’ which ’causes severe disadvantages to people,’ making them live in a ‘state of absolute dependence on their, often imagined, views.’ We can see this in those who have ‘lost their memory’ of their encounter with the Lord, in those who depend on their ‘passions, whims and obsessions.’ “

On the disease of “existential schizophrenia”: This refers to “a double life, a result of the hypocrisy typical of mediocre people and of advancing spiritual emptiness, which degrees or academic titles cannot fill.’ ” Ouch.

I'm especially taken by the last two of these since it seems to fit perfectly in describing the way Christianity is practiced in America.

Those that wallow in wealth and defend their greed with lame irrational claims that they "deserve" it.

Those that wave their hands in the air proclaiming brotherly love and peace be to you, while remaining silent when brothers are gunned down in their streets or their leaders lead them into mindless-senseless wars with no other motive than to profit from them.

Those that bellow the word of God from pulpits and pews but have no understanding of it's meaning nor ever practicing what they preach or profess to believe. 

Last, but not at all least, those that are suffering from "spiritual Alzheimer's" and are completely out of touch with what it means toe be a "follower" of Christ.  The worst of all those preaching the gospel of prosperity" a shallow mis-guided absurd notion that flies in the face of Jesus' teachings.

Prosperity theology [A] is a Christian religious doctrine that financial blessing is the will of God for Christians, and that faith, positive speech, and donations to Christian ministries will increase one's material wealth.

So, what say all you Christians out there? Is it time to turn over a new leaf? Or, is Pope's Francis Christmas message falling on deaf ears?