Saturday, December 27, 2014


It seems that most of the technological breakthroughs in a profit oriented society is all about making money and very little about bettering human kind; like feeding the hungry and starving around the world ,protecting our environment and health.

There is no question that the technology exists. The problem seems to be a lack of willingness to use it for these purposes if there's not a huge profit to be made.

The following is an example of a technology that, if used unhindered by the profit vultures, would make a significant impact on human beings and the environment we currently struggle to live in. So, my question is. What are we waiting for?

One of the best-known names in consumer LED technology, Royal Philips , is teaming up with indoor farming company Green Sense Farms (GSF) to create one of the largest commercial farms yet to use LED grow lights – approximately 7,000 of them across 30,000 square feet.

Together, the two are developing “light recipes” optimized for baby romaine, kale, arugula and 11 different leafy herbs. It’s the latest example of how LED technologies could transform vertical farms, which are seen vital for growing local produce to supply an increasingly urban world population.

“Different plant types have different light needs and working with forward-thinking growers like GSF is building up a database of ‘light recipes’ for different plant varietities,” said Gus van der Feltz, director of city farming at Philips. “GSF is using vertical hydroponic technology with Philips LED growing lights, enabling them to do what no other grower can do: providing a consistent amount of high-quality produce, year round.”