Friday, December 5, 2014


Well, at least provides them with a space to park their shopping carts and maybe even pitch a tent. This is another example of how the wealthy have total disregard for those in need.

In the blink of an eye and without even putting a dent in their $150 billion piggy bank, the Walton family could provide shelter all of the homeless in the US.

You could take it one step further and tax the rich to help the poor. Unheard of even though San Jose is considered the wealthiest city in America. A 5% surcharge on anyone bringing in over 100,000.00 would more than solve the homeless problem;

San Jose
16 percent of households are in the top 5 percent of earners nationally. 
Average household income: $88,339
California tax rate for 1 percent: 8.8 percent
California tax rate for next 4 percent: 8.7 percent 
Average home cost: $602,400
Well-known wealthy inhabitants: George Lucas, Bill Gross
Extra: More than 15 percent of residents in Silicon Alley cash in $191,000 a year, according to Mercury News, making it the highest-earning metro region in California.

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In San Jose, 13.9% of residents go without health insurance coverage, compared with 15.1% nationally. Of the preschool-age population, 56.8% was enrolled in school, compared with 47.4% around the country. Fewer than three in 10 Americans over age 25 have a bachelor’s degree; 36.6% of that demographic in San Jose have graduated from college.

Homes cost more in the city — $540,800 for an owner-occupied property, compared with $173,600 nationwide. The population is more eclectic, with 39.2% foreign-born compared with 13% around the country.