Friday, February 21, 2014


The best way to control people is to distract people from reality and create an illusion.

What better way for the 1% to keep the spotlight off them than by creating illusions of boogeymen coming to get us, or disaster(s) awaiting us around every corner.  The scarier the better.

The "gun craze" is a prime example of how it works.  "They are coming to get you!" The government is coming for your guns! Yet there is not one incident in the history of the country when the government launched a full blown invasion on it's people and confiscated  all their weapons.

Then there was the "Let's get them over there before they come and get us over here." $6 trillion and thousands dead over a decade of chasing "them" over there and we still haven't got "them."

Getting to know the people who spend millions to weave these tales is the first step in stopping these "domestic terrorists."

Here is how it works these days: You start hearing about a big, national problem and then it becomes a drumbeat. First there are a few articles and columns mentioning that such-and-such is a problem. Then a number of articles appear, then a “study” from a “think tank” confirms the problem and sounds the alarm about how terrible it is, and then just as the issue seems to be the only thing you are hearing about a solution is presented. Of course, the solution always involves taking something away from you and giving it to some company or industry standing in front of a billionaire or three. The right question to start asking when you hear about these “problems” is which billionaire is driving this.