Saturday, February 8, 2014


Only in America can a person now need to be concerned about playing music too loud or throwing popcorn at someone.

The NRA and the gun nuts that feed on the BS they spew would just say it was the "good guys" defending themselves against the "bad" movie popcorn throwers and those "bad" people playing their music too loud. What next? Farting in a super market? Picking your nose in church?

Hard to know. So my advice is, be prepared to duck for cover.

This is where the loud music murder trial earns its name. While Dunn waited in his vehicle he became annoyed by the heavy bass booming from a nearby SUV and asked the four teens to turn it down. While they did comply, the situation escalated quickly into an argument in which Dunn says he was verbally harassed with death threats. When Dunn felt threatened by what he thought was a single barreled shotgun, he pulled a 9mm gun from his glove compartment and fired four times into the SUV:

“I was still scared and so I shot four more times… trying to keep their heads down to not catch any return fire. And that was it. I went over this a million times, and what I should’ve done is put the car in reverse. It was fight or flight. I don’t think there was any time for flight at that moment. I was going to get shot.”

Dunn then picked up his girlfriend, fled the scene to their hotel room, and ordered pizza… all without notifying police about the shooting. Dunn claims he was waiting until he reached his home in Brevard County, which was another 130 miles south. He said he wanted to have friends around him and was afraid of bringing a “s**tstorm” down on them in Jacksonville.

The picture painted by the prosecutor John Guy is quite different, telling of four innocent teens whose only “crime” was disrespecting Dunn by saying, “F*** that n****r.” The verbal insult is supposedly what triggered the shooting, nothing more. Guy also claim Davis and Dunn “exchanged f-bombs back and forth” while Dunn claims he never cursed at all.