Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Americans have a unique way of turning violence and abuse of children into a form of entertainment;and which I thought there were laws on the books to prohibit this kind of behavior. Any adult that takes pleasure in subjecting children to abuse and danger should be not only accountable and responsible for the consequences but also criminally prosecuted

Gun Parties! For 8yr olds?
The gun range now offers children as young as 8 the chance to celebrate their special day by pumping bullets out of cold, hard steel.

And, if you want to really have fun and watch children pummel each other into unconsciousness sign up for  

Please tell me how any sane person can justify promoting the abuse of children and not feel even a little bit guilty?

How can a parent knowingly and willfully have a birthday party for their child by handing them loaded guns to unload at a gun range?

What is going through a parents mind as they watch their children pummeling each other on a football field knowing that they are subjecting themselves to brain damage and other serious injuries?  Even animals know better and do better at protecting their young. 

The Texas Youth Football Association is shocked, shocked to find that coaches of 8- and 9-year-old players — who participate in tackle football, with no limits on size of players, in spring and fall leagues — have coaches who advocate violence and profanity.

Parents and TYFA officials have done various interviews to defend the league and the coaches in “Friday Night Tykes,” saying that the show isn’t the whole picture on the TYFA experience, and that the coaches do the right thing in pushing kids harder, at an earlier age, to be better football 

Better people? Really?

In the very first line of the debut episode of "Friday Night Tykes," a Texas youth football coach screams to his players, "You have the opportunity today to rip their freakin' head off and let them bleed!"

Friday Night Tykes