Monday, February 24, 2014


When it comes to the justice system and accountability there is a wide gap on how it's doled out when it comes to the 1% and the test of us.

A few weeks ago we saw a rich teenager get off with a year in a rehab resort after plowing his vehicle into 4 people; killing all 4 and leaving 2 of the passengers in his vehicle seriously injured.

The judge determined that the kid was just too rich to be held accountable for his actions because he suffered from a severe case of "affluenza."

Now comes the DUI trial of a member of the renowned (and rich) Kennedy clan. There's a cadre of well paid attorneys who will flood the courtroom with nauseating rationals as to why this person should not be held accountable for her actions.

The trial opened with what is to be expected to go on ad-nausea even though the judge may try to quell the vitriol as he did today;

"This case is about a mistake, plain and simple," defense attorney Gerald Lefcourt said in his opening statement at Westchester County Court.

"She certainly didn't know at any time while driving that she had accidentally taken the Zolpidem, because the evidence will show that this person, Kerry Kennedy, would in a heartbeat, if she thought anything was wrong, pull over."

But when Lefcourt began describing Kennedy to the jury as a devoted mother of three daughters, a human rights heroine and a deeply religious woman devoted to doing charity work, Supreme Court Judge Robert Neary interrupted the halo burnishing and told him to get to the point.

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Granted there is nothing novel about this defense but, when it comes to the outcome the difference comes down to one thing; money. If you take the same case for anyone in a lower economic class, circumstances regarding "accountability" would not be an issue. Commit the crime - do the time. Don't agree? Take a look at the prison population (highest in the world by the way) and then let's debate the issue.

Simply put this society is layered in "hypocrisy" and the people at the top of the economic pile are the worse offenders. 

Pope Francis recently fired the first volley across the bow of this fortress the 1% have built around their wealth;  Pope Francis: Be True Witnesses, Not ‘Pure Legalists

Pope Francis reflected on different models of Christian witness, warning the faithful to guard against hypocrisy when they evangelize and encouraging them to imitate Jesus.

“Let us ask the Lord that these two readings help us in our lives as Christians,” said the Pope in reference to the day’s Scripture passages, encouraging the faithful to learn “not to be pure legalists, hypocrites, like the scribes and Pharisees … but to be like Jesus, with that zeal to seek people.”
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What Francis is saying is that it's time for those who profess to be movers and shakers and the best of the best (including the church) to become accountable and in essence "walk the talk".

When it comes to the 1% there's a Bucket List already in place;

The hypocrisy is spread evenly among corporations, Congress, and free-market apologists, all of whom insult and imperil average Americans with their double standards. Here's the list;