Sunday, January 8, 2017


And it's filled to the brim with hysterical, exaggerated fake news based on flimsy or non-existent information that defies common sense.

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Let's start with distinguishing the difference between "leaking" and "hacking"

READ: Emails were leaked, not hacked;

Based on the way this was handled by both the FBI and the DNC it would be reasonable to say that what we are talking about are "leaked" not "hacked" information

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Further, it appears that the DNC did not want to get to the truth

READ:  FBI Claims DNC ‘Inhibited’ Its Investigation Of Stolen Emails

What Americans are left with is a huge pile of convoluted BS from which it is literally impossible to discover what really happened; leaving us to forever debate about what really happened

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One thing we can be certain about is that the DNC and the Clinton Campaign were up to no good and were actively trying to manipulate and undermine the political process at every turn. As a result the American people lost faith in the system and selected an independent anti-Establishment "outsider" to be our next POTUS.