Monday, January 16, 2017


The political Establishment wants us to believe the 63 million Americans that cast a vote for Donald Trump were stupid because they were duped by the Russians and therefore their vote(s) are not legitimate.

The political Establishment also wants Americans to believe that Hillary Clinton lost the election because the Russians rigged the election in Trumps favor.

If that is not insulting enough they want Americans to also believe that this claim is legitimate because it is backed up by the Intelligence Community based on their word alone, with no facts (proof) to back it up.

This again is based on the assumption that Americans are very stupid indeed and will not question the ruling Establishment.

So, one might wonder; what happened to our democracy? Good question. What democracy?

What's going here is more like how a Plutocracy operates. There's the ruling class who make the decisions on how things are and then there's the rest of us who just go along with it.

This plays itself out in the Main Stream Media; the propaganda machine for the Establishment who put out pieces like this one; Trump is a legitimate president. But we need to know how he won. that questions, implies, suggests, alleges, intimates, any and all reasons why the election is not legitimate.

What's interesting is that there is no mention of the corrupted way the Establishment rigged the primaries in order to "select" their chosen candidate who they then assumed (wrongly) would be a shoe-in to win the general election.

There's no acknowledgement that all the leaked information was factual and effectively exposed the corruption in our political system; including the anointed candidate and, once again, it implies that Americans are so stupid they are not aware or care about what goes on behind closed doors.

The only real thing that happen here is that Main Street Americans had had enough and wanted to pick an "anti-Establishment" outsider as their candidate and subsequent leader.

The 63 million Americans, and the Electoral College that backed them up did not allow themselves to once again be duped; not by the Russians, but by the political Establishment into electing someone who did not represent them or the democracy that want to protect.