Friday, January 6, 2017


One thing you can say with certainty about Establishment politicians; they are relentless and know how to follow orders.

What it has come down to now is that the Establishment would like Americans to believe that the only reason Trump won and Hillary lost was because the Russians were able to dupe American voters (play them) into voting for Trump and rejecting Hillary.

My My Main Street Americans are really going to appreciate being labeled stupid by the very Establishment they were successful in dismantling this past election.

What it looks like is that the elitists (latte sipping coastals as they are known) are still living in the illusion that they are in charge and it's only a matter of time before Main Street Americans (the flyer-overs as they are known) will be brought to "heel" as Hillary put it.

Countering Trump, Bipartisan Voices Strongly Affirm Findings on Russian Hacking - The New York Times