Thursday, January 19, 2017


They are lining up to take turns on bashing Trump and making a mockery of our democratic system.

The rants are becoming almost incoherent which makes one wonder who are the real dangers to America?

Rep. Maxine Waters's Reason for Protesting Trump Inaug. Is Every Bit as Insulting as You've Come to Expect

Here was her rationale:
"I believe that Trump is a danger. I believe that he wants to tighten and build up his relationship to Russia for whatever reasons.
What we have discovered, despite, ‘Look, I have no business with Russia,’ he tried to make us believe that he had no business and he was not interested in any business, only to discover 37 efforts have been put forward where he tried to do business with Russia and it hasn’t worked out for whatever reasons.
Another thing is, even though it is not verified, we are told that there’s a dossier put out by a well known spy out of London, who have revealed some things about what the Russians are holding over the head of Trump. And I think that our intelligence agencies need to drill down on that, they need to see, if there’s any truth to it, because if it is, it is very dangerous for Russia to be able to blackmail ah Trump at any given time."