Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight.


This person has a real problem with just being truthful. It’s arrogant at best and pathological at worse. It’s not that she lies more than other politicians but what she lies about.

Hardly an incident goes by where she is asked to respond to fairly straightforward questions that she goes into this double-talk mode and evades responding truthfully; she “short circuited” or she answered “truthfully” to one out of many questioners as if that negates all the times she didn’t. Even though it’s obvious she lied and the obvious reasons why she lied she just can’t bring herself to admitting it; “I made a mistake” is as close as she comes.

It could just be arrogance but it is still insulting and demeaning to others because what she’s saying is; believe me! Don’t believe what you know to be true (reality) by the facts that support it. They are just plain “wrong.” I’m right and that’s the way is. So deal with it!

If it’s worse yet, and pathological in nature, then there’s a real problem with how this person would act and behave in situations where they felt threatened because there a real risk they would encapsulate themselves in their own version of reality; very dangerous when someone is in a powerful position.