Thursday, August 18, 2016


Now, isn't that special? Bill and Hillary promise to clean up their act IF Americans elect Hillary president.

So the question is. Why the changes if everything has been on the up and up?

Why is it conditional on Hillary winning?

Here we are again having to deal with the Clinton shenanigans and trying to outguess them.

Former President Details Changes To Clinton Foundation If Wife Becomes President : NPR

But there have been plenty of headaches brought on by the Clinton Foundation. It has taken money from governments whose policies are at odds with the U.S. More recently, questions about the relationship between the State Department under Hillary Clinton's leadership and the Clinton Foundation were resurfaced as emails revealed some efforts to make connections between donors or associates of the foundation and personnel or experts at the State Department.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus said in a statement on Wednesday, "If everything was above board while Hillary Clinton ran the State Department as the Clintons have said, then why change a thing?"

The statement from Preibus went on to criticize the existence of the foundation while Clinton is running for president: "But now that they have admitted there is a problem, the Clinton Foundation should immediately cease accepting foreign donations and return every penny ever taken from other countries, several of which have atrocious human rights records and ties to terrorism."

The Clinton campaign maintains that there was nothing improper about exchanges between longtime Clinton aides who were working at the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. Though this change in policies seems to be a tacit acknowledgement that the perceptions about the Clinton Foundation are a cloud hanging over her candidacy, which is beset by low ratings from the public on honesty.