Thursday, August 4, 2016


Has the media gone berserk?

This is an example of the sh-t load of crazy-making rhetoric the media floods the 24/7 news cycle with.

It's gotten so bad that Trump can't even fart without someone sounding a "breaking news" alert.

In the last two weeks, Donald Trump has slandered the family of a dead soldier, committed treason by inviting Russia to hack Hillary Clinton’s email account, admitted he lied about receiving a letter from the NFL, saw an Air Force mother get booed at one of his rallies, claimed Russia wouldn’t invade Ukraine even though they already have, refused to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan’s candidacy, falsely accused a fire marshal of limiting his crowd for political reasons, tossed a baby out of a rally, and called Hillary Clinton “the devil.”

It’s worth asking again: Is Donald Trump trying to tank his campaign? -