Wednesday, May 18, 2016


You need to ask yourself. Self; Is putting a Millionaire Establishment Politician in the oval office good for the average working American? 

Hillary Clinton made more than $1.4 million on paid speeches and over $5 million off book royalties in 2015, according to financial disclosure forms released on Tuesday.

The forms, which are legally required for presidential candidates, detail how Hillary and Bill Clinton made money in 2015 largely from paid speeches, a practice that has drawn the ire of liberal Democrats who have rallied around Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Bill Clinton delivered 22 paid speeches in 2015 for $5,250,000. Fifteen of these speeches were already reported in Clinton’s 2015 financial disclosure report. Incomes from the seven that had not been reported total $1,665,000.

Hillary Clinton delivered six paid speeches in 2015 for $1,475,500. These speeches included three in Canada, two in California and one in New Jersey — all of which were already reported in previous financial disclosure forms.

In total, Bill and Hillary Clinton gave 28 speeches in 2015 for $6,725,500. 

Hillary Clinton Made a Fortune Last Year for Things Most People Don’t Even Think of as “Work”