Wednesday, May 25, 2016


It's bad enough Americans entertain themselves watching people slaughtering other people bu they add insult to injury by deceiving the public.

REVEALED: Conservative hero ’American Sniper’ Chris Kyle grossly exaggerated his military record

Cris Kyle, whose memoir “American Sniper” was turned into a Hollywood blockbuster, greatly embellished his military service record, according to newly revealed documents.

Kyle, the former Navy SEAL known as the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history, claimed in his book to have been awarded two Silver Stars and five Bronze Stars, “all for valor” — but, in fact, he earned only about half that total, reported The Intercept.

The website obtained internal Navy documents that showed Kyle earned only one Silver Star and three Bronze Stars with Valor, and Navy officials confirmed that service record through 10 years in the military and four deployments.

Kyle was warned at least once by a former commanding officer before his memoir was published that he had inaccurately portrayed his medal count, according to one current Navy officer who spoke to The Intercept.

His separation document, or DD214, actually lists even more medals than Kyle claimed in his book.

That document lists two Silver Stars and six Bronze Stars, although it’s not clear where the discrepancy originated.