Friday, May 6, 2016


The Revolution is not about Hillary any more than the Trump movement was about Cruz, Bush, Rubio, or any of the other clowns in the car.

This movement is about the Establishment and how the people who run things have consistently conned the average American voter(s) into believing they were on their side while all along pandering to the select few; the power brokers who throw money at them in return for maintaining the status quo on both the right and the left.

The folks on Main Street are just plain sick and tired of being screwed; simple as that, and they are coming out in record numbers to sweep the political landscape clean by looking to  "outsiders"
like Trump and Sanders for relief.

The Republicans have done a magnificent job of wiping out most of the GOP Establishment forces by standing firm with Trump in spite of all the efforts made to derail his campaign. It was easier than anyone expected partially because the Party was already fractured by the right-wing "anti-government faction (Tea Party) that hung on to the bitter end; Cruz didn't go down easy.

The Democrats, on the other hand, have a way to go. The Democratic Party Establishment is well greased (lots of cash) and firmly grounded behind their candidate who has been at this since 2008. There were lot's of favors and power plays between the Clinton's and the Establishment through their so-called Foundation where all the political gamesmanship played out,  even down to Hillary running her own private internet service to conduct business under the radar.

Complicit in this is the profit-driven Mainstream Media that spews pro-Hillary propaganda 24/7 on all major media outlets while creating a virtual "blackout" condition in their efforts to keep Bernie out of the public eye.

Bernie has his job cut out for him; no doubt, but his support base remains strong and the momentum continues to grow in his favor.

A group of Bernie Sanders supporters and other protesters disrupted an appearance by Hillary Clinton in southern California.

The Democratic presidential frontrunner was repeatedly interrupted Thursday as she spoke to a largely Latino crowd in Monterey Park, where Union del Barrio organized a protest against Clinton over her immigration policies and opposition to a national $15 hourly minimum wage, reported KNBC-TV.

Clinton warned that Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, would create a “deportation force to round up millions of people” — but her opponents remained unconvinced by her message.

“She would do absolutely nothing to help the middle class,” said Cilena Aziz, a Sanders supporter
Protesters chanting, “she’s not with us,” forced Clinton to cut short her scheduled speech to just 14 minutes — and signaled she may have a difficult time rallying Sanders supporters behind her campaign if she wins the Democratic nomination.

“I believe that being a Democrat is for the people,” said Regina Cruz, a Sanders supporter. “I have a really difficult time believing that she is really for the people.”

Clinton also met with a group of politically influential black pastors at the California African American Museum in Exposition Park and then attended a fundraiser hosted by Jose Huizar, a Los Angeles city councilman.

She has said a strong showing in California’s June 7 primary could put her on the path to winning November’s general election and push her opponent out of the Democratic primary race.

The Democratic Establishment will not go down easily and it will take a concentrate effort on the part of the Anti-Establishment revolters to bring them to heel (as Hillary would say).

Our awful elites gutted America. Now they dare ring alarms about Trump, Sanders — and cast themselves as saviors

Both parties ignored workers, spewed hate, enriched themselves, hollowed out democracy. Now the problem's populism?

Now this panic alert, designed to get us in line behind Hillary, is raised by the man who ended The New Republic as we knew it (which then went on to end and then end again), promoting racist and imperialist dogma during his reign at the magazine in the 1990s, and then, with his finger in the wind (which to him and that other arch-hypocrite Hitchens meant being like George Orwell), turned into one of the biggest shills for the war on terror, the Iraq war, the whole works, all the while denouncing the fifth column within our ranks. 

This so-called journalist, who has no record of liberal consistency, who keeps shifting to whoever holds moral power at any given moment, is scaring us about the mortal threat that is Trump.

No, the danger is the elites, who have made such a joke of the democratic process, who have so perverted and rotted it from within, that the entire edifice is crumbling (to the consternation of the elites). 

Both parties are in terminal decline after forty years of ignoring the travails of the average worker (the Republicans admit they’re in the intensive care unit, while the Democrats calling for Sanders to quit already have yet to come around to admitting that they might have the flu), and voters on both right and left have at last—and this is a breath of relief—stopped caring about the cultural distractions that have kept the elites in power.

The worst offenders of all are the American left’s cultural warriors, who daily wage some new battle over some imagined cultural offense, which has nothing to do with the lives of normal people but only the highly tuned sensibilities of those in the academic, publishing, and media ecospheres.

The Hillary supporters have the authoritarian mentality of small property owners. They are the mirror image of the “realist” Trump supporters, the difference being that the Trump supporters fall below the median income level, and are distressed and insecure, while the Hillary supporters stand above the median income level, and are prosperous but still insecure.
To manipulate them, the Democratic and Republican elites have both played a double game for forty years and have gotten away with it. 

They have incrementally yet quite comprehensively seized all economic and political power for themselves. 

They have perverted free media and even such basics of the democratic process as voting and accountability in elections. 

Elites on both sides have collaborated to engineer a revolution of economic decline for the working person, until the situation has reached unbearable proportions. 

The stock market may be doing well, and unemployment may theoretically be low, but people can’t afford housing and food, they can’t pay back student loans and other debts, their lives, wherever they live in this transformed country, are full of such misery that there is not a single word that an establishment candidate like Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush says that makes sense to them.

This time, I truly believe, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between them. When they did have a difference to choose from—i.e., the clear progressive choice, Bernie over Hillary, who consistently demonstrates beating Trump by double the margins Hillary does—the elites went for Hillary, even though she poses the greater risk of inaugurating Trump as president. And now you want us to listen to your panic alarms?
The game, for the elites, is over. 

This is true no matter what happens with the Sanders campaign. 

The Republican party as we have known it since the Reagan consensus (dating back to 1976) is over. 

The Democratic party doesn’t know it yet, but Bill Clinton’s neoliberalism (and what followed in his wake with complicity with Bush junior, and the continuation of Bush junior’s imperialist policies with Barack Obama) is also over, or well on its way to being over. 

The elites are in a cataclysmic state of panic, they don’t know whether to look right or left, they have no idea what to do with Trump, they don’t know what to do with the Bernie diehards, they have no idea how to put Humpty Dumpty together again.

And these same elites, both liberal and conservative, these same journalists and celebrities, became quite comfortable with Bush once the war on terror was on. They’ll get used to Trump too, his level of fascist escalation will soon be presented byThe Times and other institutions as something our democracy can handle, just as they continually assured us during those eight years of gloom that our democracy could easily take care of Bush. 

We, the citizens, don’t need to get our hands dirty with implementing checks and balances, the elites will do it on our behalf. Soon, once he starts talking to the elites, you won’t even be that afraid of Trump. Wait, he’s the one who wants to make America great again, and what’s so wrong with that?

The election of Trump would end the Republican party as we know it, but more refreshingly it would also end the Democratic party as we know it. The limits of the academic left’s distracting cultural discourse in keeping economic dissatisfaction in check would be fully exposed. Trump threatens the stability of the fearmongering discourse of Sullivan and his like. The threat to their monopoly of discourse is the real reason for the panic.

Oh, and Hillary, good luck fighting Trump with your poll-tested reactions. Your calculated “offenses” against his offensiveness against women or minorities or Muslims are going to be as successful as the sixteen Republicans who’ve already tried it. 

You won’t be able to take on Trump because you do not speak the truth, you speak only elite mumbo-jumbo. Trump doesn’t speak the truth either, but he’s responding to something in the air that has an element of truth, and you don’t even go that far, you speak to a state of affairs—a meritocratic, democratic, pluralist America—that doesn’t even exist.