Monday, May 2, 2016



“Far from being a candidate of the people, she’s the top pick of corporations to do the job of every president: to be the CEO of the empire.”

Clinton herself promoted an Islamophobic narrative during the 2008 election in an attempt to defeat Barack Obama, Martin noted.

She added that Clinton has “mastered media spin” and maintains close relationships with Washington insider journalists, and so the public is unlikely to hear many of these facts in the mainstream media.

Clinton a favorite of ‘fat cat banker’ donors, fossil fuel, big pharma & defense industries

Martin suggested that Clinton is a candidate tailor-made for the modern Democratic Party, thanks to the superdelegate system which allows the party to “vote against the people’s will.”

Many of the 712 Democratic superdelegates are industry lobbyists, and those same industries are often among the most generous donors to Clinton’s campaign and the Clinton Foundation, the controversial nonprofit operated by Hillary and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Martin highlighted Jeff Berman, a superdelegate who also helps organize Clinton’s delegate tracking efforts.

“A ‘top lobbyist’ at Bryan Cave LLP, Berman previously worked as a lobbyist for the private prison company Geo Group and as a lobbyist helping TransCanada build support for the Keystone XL,” The Intercept’s Lee Fang reported in a Feb. 17 investigation of superdelegates.

Private prison corporations, including Geo Group, have graciously opened their wallets to Clinton. And the same goes for the fossil fuel industry, which became the source of a tense confrontation at a rally on March 31. Other industries that support another Clinton presidency include the pharmaceutical industry, the defense industry, and, as Sanders supporters frequently point out, Wall Street banks.

“Bill and Hillary are quick to exploit themselves for corporate loot,” Martin said, adding that Hillary’s token objections to Wall Street’s unchecked power over American politics shouldn’t be taken seriously. “Her fat cat banker donors aren’t worried in the slightest.”