Wednesday, March 18, 2015


In their relentless campaign to promote gun sales the NRA likes to pump people up with boisterous one-liners like; "the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." 

That sells a lot of guns and ammo but creates a dilemma when trying to discern who are the good and bad guys. Don't expect the NRA to help sort it out

A father and daughter were fatally shot in Detroit Friday evening while trying to remove occupants from a home purchased in Wayne County's September tax foreclosure auction.

Stacy Pugh, president of the Rosedale Park Improvement Association, the neighborhood where the father and daughter were killed in a gunfight, says the process of evicting tenants of homes lost to tax foreclosure must be improved to ensure this doesn't happen again.

Pugh knew the family who lived in the home and lost it to back taxes. She said they lived in the home more than five years.

Although the family might have technically been trespassing, Pugh said it "wasn't like they were walking down the street and said, 'Hey, there's an empty house; let's move in.'"

"What I understand, the folks were moving out and the folks who purchased the home ... they wanted them out right away, and when you purchase a home you want to move in, but at the same time there is a proper way to do it ... " said Pugh. "My assessment of the issue is that there needs to be a better process in place in regards to how homes are sold through the auction and the process of actually evicting a resident if they are in the home."