Sunday, March 29, 2015


If you plan to partee in Florida, the "stand your ground" state that is a haven for the NRA don't expect nothing less than a full blown, all out, shit-fest. Here's how the town's sheriff describes it;

 He called it a “recipe for disaster.”

“We have drunk people under the influence of drugs, on our beaches, with guns and no respect for themselves, others and most of all authority,” McKeithen said.

Local authorities including Florida Highway Patrol have made more than 700 arrests along the long stretch of the panhandle's beaches during this year’s out-of-control spring break festivities.

McKeithen says 130 of the arrests were drug-related.

“This will not end well. We will then be subjected to a separate issue that none of us want or need,” McKeithen added, fearing violence against his officers.

The shooting followed a Thursday hearing where angry neighbors asked the city to put a ban on drinking along the beach, where spring break visitors typically congregate in March
, according to the News Herald.