Monday, April 15, 2013


Johann Wagener 4-15-13

Unlike crony democracies working class people can actually become president.  Buying elections is not the rule but the exception. Being well connected and rich doesn't get someone a free pass.

Unfortunately this doesn't describe the United States but a country that the US claims is run by dictator(s) though they usually don't come to power via the popular vote not bought by the elite class or decided by a court

The headlines are a little deceiving claiming the victor was "hand picked" rather than elected by the majority of voters. But then that's what happens when you have a "free" press that is run by people that pander to their advertisers and political connections.

They are more or less a mouthpiece for the people in power and are compelled to deceive, lie, and spin  the news to fit the agenda. It's called propaganda when others do it.

Chavez's Hand-Picked Successor Ekes Out Victory